Our cakes are made fresh to order and require a 2 day notice.  All ingredients are dog safe.  We use

coconut oil, applesauce, vanilla, vinegar and grain free flour.  Our frosting is tapioca.

Cake toppings are made of editable frosting on rice paper.  Cakes are surrounded with peanut butter bones. For personalized cake send your favorite photo to connieasutton@yahoo.com.




 Should I refrigerate the cake?

Our cakes should not be refrigerated.  They can be frozen, however it may disturb the appearance of the editable frosting if condensation develops.

What is the lifespan of the cake?

They are perfectly fine on the shelf for 5 days. 

Where can I pick up my cake?

Our Pick Up Locations are:

Bone Appetite  174 W. Telegraph St. Washington, UT

The Modern Pet  85 N 100 E St. George

Woof Wellness Center 3199 Santa Clara, UT